Tax return coming in? See why investing it in the new Hyundai Ioniq at Rick Case Hyundai Duluth may be a smart bet for you!

Well folks, it seems that tax season is upon us again here in Georgia. Now, chances are good that this year many Georgia drivers are going to see a sizeable tax return, and that's a great thing for a number of reasons. Primarily, getting a little bit of extra cash in your pocket is always a good feeling, but again, if you're like many Georgia drivers, you're already thinking about what you're going to do with your tax return. Now, while you could spend it on travel or put it into savings, we might just have a better option for you to invest your tax return into this year here at Rick Case Hyundai Duluth: the new Hyundai Ioniq.

Now, if you're in the market for your next car, there really is no better time to shop than tax return season, even if you're not considering the new Hyundai Ioniq. This is due to the fact that the more money you put in as a down payment when financing a new car, the smaller your car loan is overall, typically resulting in less interest and lower monthly payments. With the buffer you get from your tax return, you may just find that putting a down payment on the new vehicle of your choice is much easier to budget for around this time of year.

However, even beyond the fact that having a bit of extra cash from your tax return makes it easier to make a down payment on your next car, there are some significant benefit to choosing the new Hyundai Ioniq that can save you money and even help you get more back with your tax returns in the future. Georgia is one of many states which offers tax incentives and benefits for drivers of hybrid-electric vehicles like the new Hyundai Ioniq. Both individuals and businesses can claim significant tax credits, meaning you could see substantially more money back in subsequent tax returns.

Of course, even without the significant tax incentives, there are so many more reasons for drivers here in the greater Atlanta, GA area to consider investing their tax returns into the new Hyundai Ioniq. Naturally, given the fact that it’s a hybrid vehicle, you'll see significantly better fuel economy than many of its conventionally powered competitors. With fuel economy returns ranging as high as 59 mpg, you can go quite a while before you'll have to stop at the pump with the new Hyundai Ioniq. And even though it’s a hybrid car, the Hyundai Ioniq doesn't skimp on features and creature comforts in favor of efficiency. In fact, with amenities ranging from smart safety systems like Lane Keep Assist and features like Integrated Memory Settings for the driver's seat, you'll never go wanting for all the modern conveniences behind the wheel of the new Hyundai Ioniq.

All that said, we've barely scratched the surface of all the benefits of owning the new Hyundai Ioniq. In fact, one blog post simply isn't long enough to explore all the advantages of owning this innovative new Hyundai hybrid car. So, if you'd like to find out more about why the Hyundai Ioniq is such an appealing option for drivers across the greater Atlanta, GA area, feel free to visit us at Rick Case Hyundai Duluth to speak with our friendly Hyundai sales associates and take a test drive today!

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