Rick Case Duluth Hyunda Santa Fe Lease

Interested in leasing the new Hyundai Santa Fe? Learn more about the benefits here at Rick Case 

The Hyundai Santa Fe is undeniably a mainstay of the Hyundai lineup, and a trendsetter in the crossover SUV segment as a whole to boot. And if you're like a lot of Atlanta and Duluth, GA area shoppers these days, you're likely wondering what the best way to get behind the wheel of one is. Well here at Rick Case Hyundai Duluth, we've noticed a lot of folks love the opportunity to lease the new Hyundai Santa Fe, and if you're just starting to look into your financing options, we'd love to give you a rundown of the benefits of doing so.

Why should you lease the new Hyundai Santa Fe at Rick Case Hyundai Duluth?

  • Lower Monthly Payments

    With a Hyundai Santa Fe lease, you don't pay for ownership of the vehicle, but rather for the privilege of driving it during the lease term. This means you can often enjoy lower monthly payments than if you were financing one with a car loan.

  • Enjoy the latest Hyundai features

    Whether it's the convenience of a power-folding second row of seats or the protection of Hyundai SmartSense technologies, the new Hyundai Santa Fe is packed with great features, and lease allows you to experience them at their freshest.

  • No Long-Term Commitment

    Feel like the Hyundai Santa Fe is right for your right now, but worried that later on, the Hyundai Santa Fe XL might be more your speed? No worries! With a Hyundai Santa Fe lease, you'll typically have a term of just 24 to 48 months, and you'll be free to turn right around and lease a new car at the end of it.

Save with our Hyundai Santa Fe lease specials

At Rick Case Hyundai Duluth, we're always looking to make it easy for our customers to save on the cars they're most interested in. So, if you're interested in a Hyundai Santa Fe, chances are good that there's a leasing special available for you at our dealership near Atlanta if you drop in today.


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